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Be Nimble, Be Quick: The Only Tips You’ll Ever Need To Be A Creative Genius In 5 Minutes

The Phoenix:

I know you’ve heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”, it is true in any endeavor. Many times we forget to practice the things that lead us to new thought patterns. I would say it’s as simple, and hard, as reigniting your childhood wonder. When we were children our imaginations told us that anything was possible and we played towards the possibilities. If we succeeded then that was great. If we failed, then we tried other ways to succeed. For example, when we wanted sugary treats but our parents said no, we would think of ways to rephrase the question a thousand times. We pushed at our parents until they reached their breaking points or gave in. Now, as adults, at the first sign that things aren’t going as planned we will give up. We have allowed the box to trap us into linear thought lines. A can only lead to B in our worlds. Yet, for children and creative geniuses, where you start does not necessarily predict your endpoint. Embrace that flexibility and jumpstart your creative possibilities. The linked article has some great suggestions to do that. Just remember to not fear failure. Some of the greatest innovators failed repeatedly but never gave up. Who knows you could end up as the next Trump, Gates or Winfrey.

Originally posted on Black America Web:

What the heck does it mean to be a creative genius? Being a creative genius is the best quality that you could have in every aspect of your life, especially at work. The new measure of success is a leader’s ability to spark creativity, shift thinking around old issues and define new prospects for forward action.  A creative genius has an appetite for novelty, they’re innovative and most importantly, productive and yes, you can be one too!

Genius is not about scoring 1600 on the SATs, mastering fourteen languages at the impressive age of seven, finishing Mensa exercises in record time, having an extraordinarily high I.Q., or even about being smart. Being a creative genius is about having a visual mind, creating more than one solution to any given problem and they’re just…awesome. You want to be a creative genius, trust me. And honestly it’s not that hard.

We attended

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Ferguson’s Reach: A Shot Felt in South Africa

Originally posted on TIME:

I was in South Africa on August 9, when a young, unarmed black man was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO. It didn’t take long before Michael Brown’s story was on all the news channels in South Africa. After that, in every media interview I did Ferguson came up. “How could this have happened?” all the journalists asked. When I laid out the pattern of this happening regularly to men of color in America at the hands of white police or other men with guns, they were stunned. “White cops couldn’t get away with that anymore in South Africa,” they said.

On my speaking tour I met a new generation of South African leaders who are not content to just re-tell the stories of winning political freedom. They are now laying out their own agenda and vocation—of turning political liberation into economic liberation and gender equality, goals…

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44 Healthy Foods For Less Than A $1

Originally posted on BlackDoctor:


After a recent shopping trip I overheard a woman saying she stays away from eating healthier because she is on a fixed income and healthy food is way to expensive. I was a little stunned, but I also could empathize with her confession. I have been there, in the grocery store deciding what healthy foods to buy without being broke until payday.

On the journey to your ideal weight, it is very important to eat foods that promote a healthier lifestyle but, how do you do that on a budget.  Eating healthy does not have to break the bank. You can eat deliciously nutritious foods for less than a $1 and below this list will show you how.

List of 44 Foods Under a $1: 

1. Black beans$0.30 cents per ½ cup serving, about $1 per can These unassuming beans pack a ton of fiber and have a solid…

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Officer Charged With Raping 7 Black Women Gets Online Support

Originally posted on HelloBeautiful:

[ione_embed src=// service=youtube width=853 height=480 type=iframe]

Online supporters of people who have committed horrific crimes are starting to be problematic. The latest? According to, the online supporters of Daniel Holtzclaw, the Oklahoma City police officer who was arrested last month and charged for sexually abusing seven Black women, has supporters who have raised over $7,000. So far, Twitter, Facebook and GoFundMe pages have surfaced, all supporting Officer Holtzclaw and calling for “justice” for the serial rapist. He is alleged to have committed several sex crimes while serving as an on-duty officer in an Oklahoma City neighborhood.

MUST READ: Students Create Roofie Alert Nail Polish

Charges expected to be filed later this week include first-degree rape, rape by instrumentation, three counts of forcible oral sodomy, two counts of sexual battery and two counts of indecent exposure. His alleged victims are seven Black women ranging in age from 34 to…

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A Tale of Two 9-Year-Olds: The One on the Playground, and the One With an Uzi

Originally posted on TIME:

Parents who allow their 9-year-old to play unsupervised at a playground can be arrested, but handing a nine-year-old an Uzi is perfectly acceptable.

Unfortunately, that’s not hyperbole. It’s just the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves, after a 9-year-old New Jersey girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor at a firing range in Arizona. The girl’s parents paid for her to fire a fully automatic machine gun, but she lost control of the weapon and shot her instructor, Charles Vacca, killing the military veteran.

The chilling ordeal was caught on tape, courtesy of the girl’s parents, but Arizona police officials have said no charges will be filed or arrests made. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office concluded the incident was an “industrial accident,” and have contacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to investigate, according to published reports.

Let’s compare that to a story from earlier this…

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Sink or Swim

When I was around 6 months old, my mom took me for swim lessons at our local Salvation Army. She said the mothers got into the pool and the instructors tossed the babies in towards the mothers. The theory was that we had just come from a watery environment and we should remember how to move through liquid. Well I guess I remembered because she said I popped back up and made it to her outstretched hands. I’ve been swimming since then. I had a refresher course at around 7 years old to try to get me coordinated. See although I can swim, I can only use one part of my body at a time. If I’m kicking then I can’t stroke and if I’m using a stroke my legs just trail behind me. I’m not sure why; I personally attribute it to the being born with a mild form of Spina Bifida. (My core muscles aren’t as strong as I would like them to be.) Even with that lack of coordination and cooperation of my muscles, I’m a decent swimmer. I won’t be winning any medals but I can glide through water pretty easily.
As you can see, I learned early that life was about leaping in to see if you sink or swim. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m sinking but there are no outstretched hands to rescue me. I feel like I’m in open water trying to stay out of a hellacious undertow. I see all of the dark swirling beneath me and all I can do is tread water. For me the hardest part is realizing that, although I’m a shoulder for the folks in my life, I have absolutely no one that I feel comfortable enough to ask for a life jacket… Not even my husband of 20 years. I wish I could cry out for help but it seems that always leads to confusion and hurt feelings. I can’t even just have the breakdown that is hovering over my head because I have children to care for. I’m so tired of treading the surface. I really just want to stop and sink. I long for the dark oblivion. Maybe then I could release this pain in my soul. But I can’t. I have to keep churning this water for a little longer. I have to make sure that my children know how to swim better than I do. So every now and then I’ll let them get out into deep water before I stretch my hands out. I mean they have to learn that in this life it’s either sink or swim and there won’t always be a pair of outstretched hands.

These Lowe’s employees rushed to the rescue of veteran allegedly denied spare wheelchair by the VA

The Phoenix:

Just when I on the verge of handing in my human membership card, I run across a story like this. We are so much better than we give ourselves credit for. Even in the turmoil and darkness, a light will shine through and illuminate us.

Originally posted on Rare:

Employees at a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in New York last week rushed to the aid of a neglected military veteran whose wheelchair fell apart in the store.

“They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity,” writes Michael Sulsona in a letter published Friday in the Staten Island Advance.

The veteran, who writes he’s been waiting two years for a new wheelchair from the Veterans Administration and that those at the VA denied him the use of a spare wheelchair in the interim, left Lowe’s 45 minutes after closing time in a completely revamped wheelchair thanks to a handful of men.

“Three employees, David, Marcus and Souleyman jumped to my assistance immediately. They placed me in another chair while they went to work,” Mr. Sulsona writes. “They took the wheelchair apart and replaced…

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A Writer’s Contemplation

The Phoenix:

I blame my fear of success because I’m too arrogant to admit to self-doubt. I’ve written before about how I succeed at anything I put my mind to (I guess you could say “a sustained effort” to.) But I think we all have that voice that is always pessimistic and denigrating us. (Mine sounds like my bio dad.) I may just have to put it into a headlock and make it submit because it could be doing some real damage that I just can’t comprehend. I also think that overly creative folks have some range of mental instability that leads them into the dark. Maybe this guy is part of my tribe and we just haven’t met because what he writes seems to be close to my thoughts a lot of times.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I am the last person that should preach on self-doubt. I have enough of it to share with the world and then some. Perhaps that is why I should speak on self-doubt because of my own experiences with it. I have finished very few things of meaning in my life. Some of that is due to motivation and attention disorders, but mainly I chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t really involved myself in anything worthy of note. I have experiences as does anyone, but that isn’t necessarily what I am speaking of. How many of you are currently working on something that you will consider an “accomplishment” upon completion?

I don’t struggle with writer’s block, but I do have the same battle as many writers in deciding what to work on. Sometimes I don’t even know what I will type until I press the first key and…

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When I was a kid my goal was to be a microbiologist and the mother of 15. I got sidetracked and it didn’t work out that way. For years I felt worthless because my life leapt off that track like engine number 9. I saw my peers fulfilling all of their dreams. Later when I went back to college, I figured I would try an easier path and double major in psychology and social work but my heart wasn’t in it. So I was no happier than when I was feeling like a failure. Fast forward until today, I still have fears and sometimes they stop me in my tracks. But I no longer beat myself up for it. I acknowledge my BS and work through it. I practice giving myself the same support that I give to others. I remind myself that I don’t have to be perfect to be valuable, I just have to be authentic. I don’t have to be brave, I just have to keep going. Sometimes, it is not that easy but no one else can walk for me so I have no choice. (Well, I guess I do but I can’t see me just giving up the ghost like that.) I say all of this to say, even if it’s not the life you envisioned it is LIFE. Live it!

Maya Angelou Memorial Service Attended By Oprah, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama And More

Originally posted on News One:


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama lauded poet, orator and sage Maya Angelou as the first person who let her know she could be a strong and smart black woman, joining other famous admirers and friends in a private memorial service Saturday that was filled with tears, laughter, poetry and gospel singing.

RELATED: WATCH: Dr. Maya Angelou’s Homegoing Celebration

Former President Bill Clinton said Angelou, one of the most famous black writers of the 20th century, was a woman who seemed to have lived five lifetimes in one. Others said the poet, who rose from poverty and segregation, gave strength to millions of women to live their lives in modern America.

Family, friends and admirers led by the first lady, Clinton and Oprah Winfrey paid tribute to Angelou at Wake Forest University in North Carolina where the writer had taught for more than 30 years. Angelou died May…

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