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These Lowe’s employees rushed to the rescue of veteran allegedly denied spare wheelchair by the VA

The Phoenix:

Just when I on the verge of handing in my human membership card, I run across a story like this. We are so much better than we give ourselves credit for. Even in the turmoil and darkness, a light will shine through and illuminate us.

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Employees at a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center in New York last week rushed to the aid of a neglected military veteran whose wheelchair fell apart in the store.

“They didn’t ask any questions, didn’t feel the need to fill out any forms or make phone calls. Someone needed help and they felt privileged to be given the opportunity,” writes Michael Sulsona in a letter published Friday in the Staten Island Advance.

The veteran, who writes he’s been waiting two years for a new wheelchair from the Veterans Administration and that those at the VA denied him the use of a spare wheelchair in the interim, left Lowe’s 45 minutes after closing time in a completely revamped wheelchair thanks to a handful of men.

“Three employees, David, Marcus and Souleyman jumped to my assistance immediately. They placed me in another chair while they went to work,” Mr. Sulsona writes. “They took the wheelchair apart and replaced…

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A Writer’s Contemplation

The Phoenix:

I blame my fear of success because I’m too arrogant to admit to self-doubt. I’ve written before about how I succeed at anything I put my mind to (I guess you could say “a sustained effort” to.) But I think we all have that voice that is always pessimistic and denigrating us. (Mine sounds like my bio dad.) I may just have to put it into a headlock and make it submit because it could be doing some real damage that I just can’t comprehend. I also think that overly creative folks have some range of mental instability that leads them into the dark. Maybe this guy is part of my tribe and we just haven’t met because what he writes seems to be close to my thoughts a lot of times.

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I am the last person that should preach on self-doubt. I have enough of it to share with the world and then some. Perhaps that is why I should speak on self-doubt because of my own experiences with it. I have finished very few things of meaning in my life. Some of that is due to motivation and attention disorders, but mainly I chalk it up to the fact that I haven’t really involved myself in anything worthy of note. I have experiences as does anyone, but that isn’t necessarily what I am speaking of. How many of you are currently working on something that you will consider an “accomplishment” upon completion?

I don’t struggle with writer’s block, but I do have the same battle as many writers in deciding what to work on. Sometimes I don’t even know what I will type until I press the first key and…

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When I was a kid my goal was to be a microbiologist and the mother of 15. I got sidetracked and it didn’t work out that way. For years I felt worthless because my life leapt off that track like engine number 9. I saw my peers fulfilling all of their dreams. Later when I went back to college, I figured I would try an easier path and double major in psychology and social work but my heart wasn’t in it. So I was no happier than when I was feeling like a failure. Fast forward until today, I still have fears and sometimes they stop me in my tracks. But I no longer beat myself up for it. I acknowledge my BS and work through it. I practice giving myself the same support that I give to others. I remind myself that I don’t have to be perfect to be valuable, I just have to be authentic. I don’t have to be brave, I just have to keep going. Sometimes, it is not that easy but no one else can walk for me so I have no choice. (Well, I guess I do but I can’t see me just giving up the ghost like that.) I say all of this to say, even if it’s not the life you envisioned it is LIFE. Live it!

Maya Angelou Memorial Service Attended By Oprah, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama And More

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama lauded poet, orator and sage Maya Angelou as the first person who let her know she could be a strong and smart black woman, joining other famous admirers and friends in a private memorial service Saturday that was filled with tears, laughter, poetry and gospel singing.

RELATED: WATCH: Dr. Maya Angelou’s Homegoing Celebration

Former President Bill Clinton said Angelou, one of the most famous black writers of the 20th century, was a woman who seemed to have lived five lifetimes in one. Others said the poet, who rose from poverty and segregation, gave strength to millions of women to live their lives in modern America.

Family, friends and admirers led by the first lady, Clinton and Oprah Winfrey paid tribute to Angelou at Wake Forest University in North Carolina where the writer had taught for more than 30 years. Angelou died May…

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DOLLAR BILLS poetry stand up

The Phoenix:

This write right here sent shivers up my spine.

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What Your Nails Say About Your Health

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Take a good look at your fingernails and you may notice subtle variations in the color, shape or texture of your nails. These imperfections may not look like much at a glance, but it’s more important to your health than you might think. That’s because to the trained eye, nails can provide valuable indications about your overall health. Take a look:

Nail Thickness
If you have a thickening of the nails and they can have several causes including:
•Thick/separated nails can indicate thyroid disease or psoriasis
•Thick/rough-surfaced nails can be a sign of fungal infection
•Unusually thick nails could be a symptom of a circulation problem
•Thick nails alone could even signal lung disease
Thickening is fairly easy to notice when it first appears but please note that allergic reactions to some medications manifest themselves as thick nails!

Healthy nails should have no obvious ridge lines and should be…

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Craft Time

I’ve been on a jewelry kick lately: not wearing it but making it. I’ve had a great deal of fun setting up my improvised work bench, selecting tools, selecting materials and playing with fire. My husband purchased a torch for my 40th birthday but I didn’t use it until after this last birthday. I tend to get tools and materials but then my frugal cheap side kicks in and makes me just hoard things because I’m hate to waste anything. I finally bit the bullet because I was tired of just playing with my micro torch. I’ve made some rather lovely (if I do say so myself and I do) flame “painted” copper pieces. I’ve always loved copper as a good Arizonan should (it’s one of the 5 C’s of our state: citrus, copper, climate, citizens and something else that I can’t remember right now.) I’ve been working with it as the main element of my jewelry for a few years. I started with different gauges of wire but as the pics will show I have graduated to sheet and tube copper. (My next goal is to work quality turquoise and lapis lazuli into my designs.
The majority of the components in these pieces are handmade, from jump rings to the closures. The only portions that were ready made are the stringing material, beads and felt used for backing. I still have a clasp to make for the necklace but I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished. I wish I knew how to keep the flame painted colors vibrant. The initial colors are beautiful but as you work with the pieces some of the patina is rubbed away revealing subtly elegant coloring. It’s beautiful too but I’ve never really been the subtle type. I guess that’s part of the fun though; never knowing exactly what you are going to get. I guess it’s a lot like life in that respect. Some of my most beautiful moments have happened because I went full tilt even in uncertain situations.
Since I am writing this from my phone, the pictures will be in another post called Craft Time Pics. Hope you check them out.
Craft Time Pics

Craft Time Pics














Craft Time

My phone decided that I should do two posts instead of one. So if you would like the explanation behind these pictures,click the link.

Why I won’t ever vote for Marcelino Quinoñez of Phoenix, AZ.

If anyone in Phoenix is planning on voting for Marcelino Quinoñez, Roosevelt School district #66 board member, for any office I would caution you. After meeting him twice and personally engaging with him once, I feel as if he is just paying lip service to the cause of excellent education. I spoke with him about the lack of a gifted program in the district and explained that my children would be going to a charter school next year. Instead of assuring me that my concern was valid, he chose to bad mouth the school I chose. He told me that Bernard Black had received a B rating. That my chosen school had only been open for two years and only had a D rating. I attempted to explain that while the rating at my chosen school was low right now, so was Black’s when I enrolled my students two years ago. I went on to explain that from the research that I had done on my chosen school, that the conditions seemed to be a better fit for my children to thrive. His response was a smug and condescending “well you can make the decision that best for your children, of course.” To me a more fitting response would have been, “I understand your concern. The budget has not allowed for a dedicated gifted program but I will discuss your concern with the other board members. I wish your children continued success wherever they attend school.” But I guess it’s kind of hard to come up with talking points outside of campaigning for the next office you plan to hold. (He won the school board election in 2012. He is running for district 27 state rep now. Seems that the school board position was only to get his foot in the political door.) I personally will be voting for whoever runs against him because we have enough non civil servants in the game.


The month of April is usually full of excitement as it is my birthday month and 16 years ago I also gave birth on the 1st day of April to a beautiful baby boy. (Well, he’s actually considered handsome now and he tends to chap my hide. 😉) But this April has been kind of challenging. I started the month mourning the loss of my Aunt D.A.P. (It was the second death since November so you know I was taking it really hard.) I made sure to make my son smile for his birthday since he had reached the milestone of driving and working age. Then my oldest told me she would be moving to her first apartment on the 16th. While I was excited and happy, I felt a profound sense of loss. The family dynamic would change. I would be apart from someone I’ve lived with for the last 22 years. I’m not real good at accepting change but I try to roll with the punches. But before she moved out we celebrated my 41st revolution around the sun. I realized that I have been stuck in a mild depression for a couple of years. I really don’t find the same joy in my hobbies or day to day living that I used to have. I thought it was just the consequence of getting older but it’s not. Still haven’t quite found my way out of it but at least I have an action plan. I know I have to get around it in order to fulfill my goals. Until then I can’t do anything but take it one day at a time… I digress. I’ve also adopted a guinea pig named Charles Alexander Jackson. My daughter could not take him to her new place. So now I have 5 of my 7 children, a dog, several fish and a guinea pig, and my awesome husband to give my all to; another challenge that I must master. I am also dealing with the death of home. I only have one home place left to count on. My grandparents home (and the place were I was made) will be auctioned off in June. While it is “just a house” it is the house that they, my father, aunts and uncles built with their own hands. Their blood, sweat, tears, laughter and spirits reside within the plaster and floors. That is the last place I can go to feel my Grandfather, Grandmother and 3 of my Aunts. That is where I go to remember who I am. I am dreading the sale. I’m thinking about going just to see who buys it. Either way it’s just like mourning my family all over again. So yeah, April has been a bit challenging but at least I’m breathing.

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