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Nine-Month-Old Charged With Attempted Murder In Pakistan

The Phoenix:

This is mind boggling!

Originally posted on Black America Web:

The truth is definitely stranger than fiction most of the time. This is one of those cases. A nine-month-old boy in Pakistan is being charged with attempted murder. Yes, you read correctly.

According to reports, the nine-month-old boy named Mohammad Musa Khan was arrested by police for attempted murder. The toddler’s family was apart of an altercation in Pakistan where citizens threw rocks at police officials and gas company workers. The angry crowd was upset because of the shortage of gas and the unfair price hikes.

An agent of the law was caught in the middle of the melee and he arrested the whole family, including nine-month-old Mohammad. Mohammad Khan’s grandfather, Mohammad Yasin, who was also arrested, told the media, ““He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly,how can he stone the police? Police are vindictive. Now they are trying to settle…

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She wore her scars like armor but if you got passed it, it was amor. Battle ready at all times but full of that LOVE DIVINE. The battle between light and dark is damn sure what gave her that spark. A smile on her lips could disguise the murder in her eyes. See she could kill your dreams with kindness, never a cruel intent, she was just a warrior that said exactly what she meant. And if you crossed her, it was yours to bear. Call up your gods, say a prayer but to her love nothing compared. Like a roller coaster with dips and crests, she lived this life, doing her best. And finally she is at rest.




In urban lingo, dap is a hand bump that can replace an handshake or be the symbol of agreement, excitement or even just showing love. But in my personal life, those are were my aunt’s initials. She wasn’t but a few years older than me; she was the baby out of my Grandmother’s 18 children. Even still, she was an aunt and not my contemporary. I used to dream of being old enough to follow her on her adventures with my Cousin Toni. When I finally reached what I thought was an appropriate age, she shut me down quick. 😄 She told me she had bigger plans for my future than following in her footsteps, so I could just sit my little butt on the porch. Although I was taller than her 4’8″, I did just what she said because I was not about to tangle with that wild cat. Last November, during my Grandmother’s last days, I found out how truly ill my aunt was. Besides the Lupus she’d been battling, she also had a liver damaged beyond repair. She told me she probably wouldn’t make it until the next November. I worried but figured she’d kick death’s butt if it showed up at her door. I mean she had been kicking butt and taking names my whole life. She even made Ice Cube (yeah the rapper) take heed when they dated back in the vintage days. She was a ball of love though. She never lacked having an encouraging word, a smile, a hug or Love for any who needed it. She was one of my heroes. But this week, she was needed elsewhere so she left us behind with tears and smiles on our faces. We won’t ever forget all the advice, love, laughs and shenanigans. Nor will we forget that she taught us to live out loud and with joy. So while I’m pasting the pieces of my heart back together, I’m also planning to celebrate the time I was given. I am also grateful that I had the chance to tell her how much she truly meant to me and to hear her say she loved me too. She told me that she was proud of me. I just regret I didn’t get to hear her say “auntie’s baby!” to me one more time. But she put enough love into each exclamation, that I should be able to hold onto it for the rest of my life. I just wish I could get one more DAP.
In loving memory of Doree Ann Primous



‘Prankster’ Actress’ YouTube Videos Are More Authentic Than You Realize

The Phoenix:

I’ve seen a few of her videos. I did not realize that it was the same young lady in each of the ones I watched. The one that stands out the most is the one of the mother and son in the grocery store. I was not totally convinced that it was a “real” incident but it did call up a lot of emotions for me. Now that I know her agenda, it makes sense. I applaud her for trying to get people to give more than surface treatment to some very complex issues in society. I wish her success.

Originally posted on News One:

Zaida Pugh

Zaida Pugh standing in middle of Times Square in Manhattan on March 23, 2014. Photo by Terrell Jermaine Starr/

For more than a year, Zaida Pugh, known as “msmuffinpranks” on social media, has been fooling New Yorkers — including journalists and viewers all over the social web — with her prank YouTube videos that have featured her posing as a pregnant woman in labor near a Brooklyn beach, a ratchet costumer twerking inside of a McDonalds, a weird person urinating inside of a subway train car, and so many more wily characters who people swore were real.

Many of her videos have been picked up by popular news sites only to later learn that they were tricked by Pugh’s well-choreographed stunts. The Daily Dot, for example, ran an article on Pugh’s video in which she poses as a woman on the train screaming at her boyfriend after…

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Depression or Just Unmotivated?

It’s been a while since I posted. The last posts were related to the death of my grandmother, Mrs. Irene Lujan Primous. From that point until now, I haven’t written anything more than some FaceBook statuses. Poetry left, my essays dried up and my short stories have no imagination. I thought I was just going through a down cycle, as they have happened occasionally in my life. I always viewed these cycles as times I was subconsciously recharging my creativity. They have been viewed as periods of rest for a super active mind. I have just recently had what some may call an epiphany; I may just be depressed. I battled with what a doctor diagnosed as manic depression from the childhood until about age 27, when I decided to take life as it comes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who believe that therapy is a racket dreamed up by folks to push pills and make money. I just knew that constantly rehashing the BS of life wasn’t helping ME. I needed something different and eventually I found it. I guess the reason I am unsure about whether this is depression or a motivation issue is because the only “symptom” I am exhibiting is a lack of desire to partake in some activities. Yes, these are the activities that make up the facets of my personality but they aren’t the sum total of me. I’ve still been eating, laughing and spending time with my loves. I’m not withdrawn or angry. I just haven’t had any desire to engage in my god complex. 😜 I’m still putting out (what I think is) inspiration. I still feel happy on the surface so could I really be depressed? I really don’t know but I hope whatever this season is ends soon because I have another death to deal with. I know I would be able to process my grief better if I could “create” it out of existence. So what do you think my problem is: depression or just unmotivated? >

African Union: We cannot ignore the plight of Berkshire any longer

playground chat

The Phoenix:

This is a nice snapshot of some of our childhood memories. I was never reprimanded for spending too much at the arcade (my mom usually spent too much playing air hockey to have a problem with how many quarters my sister or I dropped into ms. Pacman, Centipede, or Galaga) but she would question our other expenditures for sugary treats. But I remember huddling with friends to try and figure out why adults made no sense with their rules. I mean why did we really have to come in at 4PM cause the street lights came on when it wouldn’t be dark out until 7PM? Or why couldn’t I go in my friend’s house just because no adults were there? Now that I am an adult I know the answers and my kids think I’m crazy. (I am but not about the rules.) ;)

Originally posted on The Matticus Kingdom:

Susie looked at Jake in disbelief, “But, why?”

Jake shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.  The toes of his right shoe twisting a hole into the soft sand of the recess area.  He looked away, embarrassed, unable to meet his friends gaze, and then looked back with a shy smile.  “I don’t know, that’s just what she said.”

“Say it again.”

“My mom said, ‘Jake, from now on you are confined to quarters!’”

“And when did she say that?”

“We were at the pizza place on Main, and I had just spent my entire allowance in the arcade.  She found out and went ballistic.  We’re talking full on meltdown right there in the arcade, in front of all the other kids, she hauled me off to the table and wouldn’t let me leave my seat again until it was time to go.”

“But, she didn’t ground you?”



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Nelson Mandela Will Live On Forever

Originally posted on News One:

Janaye Ingram

The death of Nelson Mandela leads many to remember a man whose life was a shining example of how to be extraordinary by staying true to your principles and learning to forgive.

A little over a month ago, I had a chance to stand outside of the prison cell that housed Nelson Mandela for most of his 27 year imprisonment. The tour through Robben Island was guided by a former prisoner who painted a chilling picture of the treatment of inhabitants. Men were stripped and cavity searched, forced to wear shorts, and go barefoot even in the winter months during some of the early years of apartheid. They also had limited interaction with loved ones. Most of the prisoners housed on the island were not murderers, thieves, or rapists. They were political prisoners; most notably, these were men who wanted equal justice and challenged those who wanted to rob them…

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5 Bloggers Who Are Blogging Better Than You (And Me)

The Phoenix:

Reblogging so I can find these blogs and check them out for myself. I have heard of Feminista Jones but I don’t think I have actually read her words. Let me know what you think if you read them before I do.

Originally posted on Olivia A. Cole:


This morning I’m getting on a plane for New York, where tonight I will join Beverly Bond, Jamilah Lemieux, and other incredibly talented and powerful women for a panel hosted by Black Girls Rock!, The Black Girls Rock! Think Tank: Checkin’ Our Fresh. I’m excited to sit amongst such inspiring company, where we will discuss media representations of black women, why some white people feel fear and discomfort about programs like BGR, and other topics. In honor of tonight—and in honor of every day—I wanted to hip you to five amazing women whose blogs you should be reading right now.

Michonne Micheaux: Anti-Oppression. Pro-Storytelling


I knew Michonne as @LexiScorsese before anything else—one of the most hilarious and on-point Twitter accounts I follow to this day—but when I discovered her blog I was in love. Her tagline—Anti-Oppression. Pro-Storytelling.—says it all. She describes herself as “a film…

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Michigan Committeeman: Gays Want Health Care Because Of AIDS

Originally posted on News One:

dave agema michigan

It’s rather hilarious that a bigot precedes some deeply prejudice comments he made at a holiday party with, “We cannot win without the independents and the Tea Party, so get over it, folks. You’re going to have to get along with those folks.”

I assume former state rep and Michigan national GOP committeeman Dave Agema (pictured) believes independents hate gay people just as much as he does. Never mind the majority of Americans now support gay marriage — an obvious tip that people are learning to stop treating gays as if they have the cooties and are contagious. Nope, according to him, gay people remain nasty vile individuals, but not only that, though, apparently gays want free health care because they all got AIDS!

SEE ALSO: Black Student Alleges Hasidic Men Assaulted, Yelled Gay Slurs At Him

The Herald-Palladiumreports:

“I stand for traditional marriage, no homosexual ones,” he said. “……

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