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Daily Archives: February 15, 2013

I’m in a Contest and I need you support! Thanks

I’m in a Contest and I need you support! Thanks.

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From Footnote to Fame in Civil Rights History


Published: November 25, 2009

On that supercharged day in 1955, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Ala., she rode her way into history books, credited with helping to ignite the civil rights movement.

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times (left), The Montgomery Advertiser, via Melanie Kroupa Books/Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Claudette Colvin in a portrait taken in November (left) and as a child around 1953.

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Claudette Colvin’s historic stand preceded that of Rosa Parks.

Michael Appleton for The New York Times

Phillip Hoose, with Claudette Colvin, accepting a National Book Award last week for “Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice.”

The Montgomery Advertiser, via Melanie Kroupa Books/Farrar, Straus & Giroux


But there was another woman, named…

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My Truth

Today was one like any other. I woke up. Read my morning blogs while drinking coffee. I then viewed tutorials on many arts and crafts. I played with my son. I sat in the sun. I laughed. I argued. And now I am in bed. Many folks would see a lack of substance in my day. They would see a woman who does nothing all day living the height of ease. I would look at those people and laugh. My life is rich and full.
There are so many moments of unexplainable joy. How can you understand how I feel just to see the variety of smiles my son displays? The only way you could is if you have experienced the same awe and wonder. The only way is if you have been caught in that heart stopping moment of total love.
Some may see my time on the internet as a waste of time. I see it as a way to gain new knowledge. I see it as a way to educate myself as I see fit. If I feel like a Micro Torch Class one day then I can find one. (I found a free one on Kate Richbourg is the instructor.) If I feel like trying to wrap my brain around metaphysics as a philosopy, then there is a place for me in this world wide web. I am only limited by my desires because anything I want to know is at my fingertips. The joy of accessing what was once denied cannot be measured
The joy of sitting in the sun is celebratory. Being from my neighborhood means a lot of my peers can’t do that. So for the lost ones I allow the sun to caress my skin. I allow the breeze to whisper its secrets to me. I thank the trees for standing and showing me how to do the same. I share laughs with the bees because there are many who can’t laugh. I celebrate the life the Universe has given me every day. Maybe you can’t understand. I sure can’t explain.
Everyday I celebrate life. What you may see as mundane, I recognize as miraculous. I know how easy it could all be over. I’ve seen it end in the old, the young, the healthy, the sick, in the sensitive and the hardened, the happy and the sad. I know that eventually the ride will stop and I’ll be forced to get off. Until that day I will cherish every breath, every moment, every aggravation, and every triumph. Don’t pity my boring life; help me celebrate the miracles of everyday life. Enjoy the breeze. Laugh with a kid (in my case I can laugh with 6 of mine on a daily basis). Drink coffee or whatever you want. (Just remember if you are drinking before noon you ARE…an alcoholic,LOL.)
Laugh…a lot. Argue… not as much. Love learning. Be grateful for waking up every morning. But most of all see the beauty of the mundane. Those are the moments when life is being lived.

Love and Happiness

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  In America, the day is heavily skewed towards romantic love. It puts undue (in my opinion) pressure on people to be a part of a couple on that day. You have folks willing to accept any type of treatment just to say they have a date.  You have other folks who are in shitty relationships praising their partners for a few scraps of faux fur sewn together and drug store chocolates.  These are the same people you see on the social network sites complaining about their no good Significant Others on the other days of the year.  I really don’t understand that mentality.

Then there is me. I have a husband who shows me love and respect every day of the year. I try to give him the exact same thing because he is my best friend.

Yet society has tried to convince him that he is less worthy if he does not run out and buy me diamonds, candy, or cards on the day they have deemed as the day of love.  I told him not to buy me anything. Just knowing that he would come home and bring his smile was enough for me. I did not buy him anything but I did make him a bracelet, business card holder, and a card. I did not make these items to honor a day but to honor him. I gave him the bracelet a week ago. I gave him the business card holder a few days after that. I did give him the card yesterday, but that is because that is when I finished it. I love my husband every day and I know that he loves me every day. But more importantly I love myself.  I don’t need a holiday to validate my relationship.

I think that if more people concentrated on self-love they would not need a stuffed animal or chocolates to make them feel good.  If you love yourself, then you won’t allow anyone around you who tries to make you feel “less than”. Self-Love guarantees that you won’t have to write a status about a no good partner because there won’t be a no good partner. Self- love helps you to   love others. Without self-love, you have no self worth. So instead of concentrating on romantic love, learn to love yourself fully. 

Take yourself to the movies.  Tell yourself how beautiful, smart, funny, and/or talented you are.  Gift yourself classes in anything you ever wanted to learn.  Go watch a sunset with yourself.  Let yourself know that you are a miracle of the Universe. Get to know yourself more personally.  Caress your skin and hair. Love you for you and others won’t be able to resist loving you also.  

Go for it. What do you have to lose? Friends? They were never that to begin with if they aren’t encouraging you to be good to yourself.  Those types are just as in need of self-love. Remember misery loves company, but why do you want to sit up in the house with misery? You have nothing to lose but you might just gain love and happiness.

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