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Samuel Delbert Whitney Passes Away But Leaves Behind 54 Children!

Hmmmmmm, must be something in the South Side’s water or something about the men from that era. This gentleman helped to populate my home area. I am not a descendant of his but I know some of them. I AM the descendant of a gentleman who was quite similar in lifestyle. 😉 I understand the larger than life verve that a gentleman like this can possess. I wish the gentleman a easy rest. I wish his family peace, comfort, and loving memories. And I send those same thoughts to my family. * smiling while remembering Granddaddy*

Words With Friends: Kayenne Nebula

97.9 The Box

Kayenne Nebula has one of the most powerful voices in poetry. Period.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing her speak live, and as she began her recitation,  I watched her commandeer every set of eyes and ears within the power of her voice, which, apparently, was every set of eyes and ears in the building.

Ms. Nebula was gracious enough to share her piece Pyramids in a one-on-one session, so check it out below.

For more information about Ms.  Kayenne Nebula, click here.

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Trinidad James Catches Heat After Posing In “Mini skirt” (Photo)

Notes From The Underground

Trinidad James

We’ve seen rappers wearing skirts this year. A$AP Rocky, Kanye West are two of the bigger names that rocked some kilt like apparatus over their pants. Add one more name to the list of rappers rocking skirts.

Atlanta’s own Trinidad James was Instagramed wearing a skirt while he hugged Tiana and Stephanie from ‘Bad Girls Club 11.

From the picture, it looks as if he’s rocking a super mini-skirt. Check out the picture below

Trindida James skirt



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Turn To Your Neighbor And Say: ‘Keep Yo Business Off Of Facebook!’ [VIDEO]

Although the sentiment is valid this is hilarious!

John McCain assures constituent ‘You’re not a taker’

Are we seeing a kinder gentler McCain? Or is this more of his political machinations to hide the fact that he is a hypocrite? Things that make you ponder…

Look at what I found: Natural Color | HandEye

I spend a lot of time researching different things that interest me. (I believe that a love of learning is one of the most important skills that a person can acquire.) So for today’s learning adventure I decided to focus on weaving, looms, and fibers. While on that journey, I found the online portal of HandEye Magazine. It highlights creative efforts of our global community. It offers an anthropological view of how these creative endeavours affect and are affected by economies, pogroms, and trends (at least in the few articles I read.) I decided to share this article because it touched on tradition, government prohibition, bravery in reestablishing a banned handicraft, and the need to seek out “heirloom” cottons plants. I hope you enjoy the article and learn something new.

Black Historian Highlights the Significance of Anna J. Cooper | Black Blue Dog

I like to think of myself as being knowledgeable about American history in general, and American history featuring Black people as my speciality. I can’t recall ever hearing, reading, or learning about Mrs. Anna J. Cooper. Read about this bold educator.

White On White Crime? MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Hits Conservatives by Pointing to the Epidemic of White-on-White Crime | Black Blue Dog

Lately, there has been a conversation going on in America about crime. It exploded during the George Zimmerman trial. On one hand, you have those bemoaning the apparent lack of equality in the criminal justice world. They point to the statistics of how often minorities are tried and convicted as opposed to those who are recognized as the “majority”. They also point to the harsher penalties that are handed down to those “minorities” as opposed to the “majority”. They say it points to the institutionalized racism that is entrenched in American society. They are demanding a change to the laws that disproportionately affect minorities and the poor (which can be one in the same). They feel that a white person can get away with murdering a brown or black skinned person. They feel that the system is saying their sons lives are worthless and they are demanding accountability and justice.
On the other side are those saying that as long as 96% of Blacks are being killed by other Blacks then they should just shut up. They trot out the term “Black on Black crime” (BoBc for the rest of this posting). They say fix your problems within your own community before you rail against the “so-called” issues within American society. They imply or flat out state that those who are calling out the justice system don’t have the same fervor when BoBc occurs. They imply that as long as the minority community doesn’t care what happens amongst its members then we have no say in how the world views the community as a whole. These same people use BoBc as a weapon. You see it from the O’Reillys, Hannitys, and Nugents. You even get it from the Lemons. But those same people get very quiet when you point out that most crime is statistically intra racial. Such as Whites are killed by Whites 84% of the time. Yet you never hear the term White on White crime or Chinese on Chinese crime. Those are just crimes. Until now, I read this article about Chris Hayes and his appearance on TV. I was amazed by his approach. I applaud his efforts to get people to understand that the media is complicit in this debate by what they choose to air.
If all you hear is that green elephants with pink polka dots are dangerous but pink elephants with green polka dots are safe and friendly that will be your point of view.
I believe that crime is crime, no matter who commits it. I know that the laws are applied more harshly to those with more melanin. I think that it is mostly due to the misperception being fostered in society that minority males are more dangerous just because they are minority. I know that there is a whole host of things going on that contribute to criminal activity. I also know that as Americans we cannot sit back and be mute when our government entities engage in bigotry. I will speak up and out. And from now on, whenever someone tries to shut down the conversation by trotting out BoBc, I will counter with statistics about White on White crime.

I am not a felon.

Strength shows up when you need it the most. It shows up in the form of people who love and believe in you. It shows up in just you continuing to put one foot in front of the other even when you can’t can’t quite figure out how you should do it. It shows up when your pride just won’t allow you to let your loved ones believe the lies told about you. It shows up in the big and small details of living everyday life while facing trauma and drama. We all have that strength, even when we don’t know how we will use it.
This is a tale of strength and love. Read , understand, then go tell Rara that she is amazing. Because she absolutely is amazing. How else would she have found so many other amazing souls? Remember, birds of a feather flock together and this is a snapshot of an amazing flock.

My Story: “I Created A Monster”

The only thing stopping most people from achieving their greatness is their own mind. No one is a greater motivator or detractor than the person you see in the mirror. This story is about health and fitness on the surface, but in the deep, dark crevices it is really about what happens when you listen to that internal voice. Listen to yours and if you don’t like what you here, change the conversation.

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